the west

settling in a bit in calgary - the school is up on a hill overlooking the city, and the views from the fibre studios are gorgeous. there is a balcony off the print studio that is great - this is looking out towards where I am living.

this is my main classroom, with 6 print tables! a fabulous space with great windows and lots of space to work in. interesting to note that ACAD has the same carpet underpadding on their tables that I have in my studio, which is much cheaper than the traditional felt covering.

looking south off the balcony to downtown. I haven't ventured into the downtown proper yet, maybe when it warms up from the -23 that has been holding steady for the last little while.


shanny said...

This is where I printed my very first fabric! It *is* a great space, and it brings back a lot of happy memories. :)

arounna said...

this is great to see where your spending your time
it' looks very cold!

kat frick miller said...

it's fun to see other print studios. Looks like a great space!

Jacqueline said...

Awe the love of snow - guess we got another dumping yesterday - cute blog saw u on the TCA - looking to link with fellow GTA bloggers

I invite you to check out my blog

Anonymous said...

That space looks amazing!
I miss you a ton, and can't wait for your spring break trip home.