I was invited to go on a mini fibre retreat to canmore with some of the women in contextual, a studio group here in calgary. It was a gorgeous weekend, and having never been to the Rockies, I fell like I was a little spoiled by our location and activities. This is what the day looked like when we woke up saturday morning.

some of us went cross country skiing, something I hadn't done since I was about eight years old. it was extremely difficult and exhausting, but tremendous fun. above is tara, the acad fibre tech, myself, and julie, who coincidentally is from my hometown and went to the same highschool that I did. it took me about four days to stop being sore from the three hours spent skiing.

we did a 14 kilometre loop, just so that we would get to this gorgeous clearing. the mountains are not as claustrophobic as I thought they would be, but are just as beautiful.


katie walker said...

wow it looks beautiful out there!

kat frick miller said...

14 kilometres? You're a machine!
I went cross country skiing for the first time last weekend in keji. I only did a 7 k loop and I was sore for ages!