two of my three orchids - one purchased at last spring's london orchid society show, and another a gift from my fella - have decided to bloom while I'm gone. I've never had two flower spikes on one plant before. here's hoping ted can keep them alive and happy to enjoy and document the flowers for me.

speaking of going. I never really mentioned it here, but I leave for calgary tomorrow, to teach for a term at ACAD. I've never been anywhere between vancouver and ontario, and it occurred to me today that I didn't even know what calgary looks like, so I had a peek online, and it looks lovely and green. I do miss living by the water, so the river will be nice.

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katie walker said...

have fun! i hope you had a nice holiday since i saw you last, and good luck getting all settled out west! (i'll have to email you the mitten pattern sometime, they are actually pretty easy!)