time flies

since city of craft, I thought I'd have a few days to relax and maybe do nothing, but it seems to be all rush in preparation for the big move to calgary. I've been trying to take the time in my life to enjoy the company of some of my best friends, above, who have been with me since 1995 or so. we reunite as often as we can, and almost always at lauren's annual holiday party. cara even left her husband, who had been away for a week, find his own way home from the airport to come to the party! love her.

christmas dinner number two, at my parent's house. I love that we all wear the paper crowns from the crackers, and are all working on the tiny, ridiculous puzzle my dad won in his cracker. the candlesticks on the table belonged to my granny fagan, and the candles my mom has had for years, but never actually lit. number one was at ted's family's place, where we spent a few days, and where I unfortunately slept for three hours one afternoon, with ted being unable to get me up to go for a walk on the farm with everyone.

the back of our house, where every year these gigantic, eaves-to-ground icicles form. thankfully we took the time from working just before city of craft to get some photos this freezing night - our landlord broke them all off soon after.

the most important thing I have learned this year is that I am too busy - and that I can't neglect friends and family in favour of doing more work. the work never ends, but you never know what will happen to those you love. I learned that in taking the time - in actually investing myself in taking a day, an afternoon, an hour, to give my full attention to the people around me, that I am happier. and the work can always wait.


Alison said...

Love. PS - The word verification for this post is "brests." No word of a lie.

Cara said...

I adore you so much! So much love to you in the new year, and hopefully I can see you before you head west.

Lisa PN said...

what a wonderful post. yes, family and friends are more important than work..thanks for the reminder!

arounna said...

wise words
happy new year!

ellevee said...

why do you gotta go and make a girl weepy at her compy?
love the photos.
and you.
(and Cara for letting Dave find his own way home!!)

roisin said...

thanks everyone - it seems to be a popular sentiment this year.