garden every day

taking some inspiration from someone, I thought it was krystal speck, but I just tried searching for the blog post, and it's not there [check out her amazing looking bird commission - can't wait to see the finished work]. anyway, someone is posting a picture a day about their garden, as a way of getting out of thier blogging rut, so here I am . here are some of my cosmos, one of my favorite flowers. I had never seen the smaller, orange ones before, but found them in the seed section at Colasanti's, a place we visit almost everytime we visit ted's family, it is so much fun. a mish mash of many things, and always entertaining.

update: as she mentioned in the comments, the pam is the originator of this idea! thanks, pam.


lauren said...

so beautiful! i wish i had more of a garden than window boxes so i could grow cosmos (and delphiniums - they're gorgeous right now!).

Pamplemousse said...

Haha! That would be me, Ro! ( Still love checking in on your blog and always love updates from your garden. I am starting as a newbie gardener this spring and making lots of fun mistakes that I am sure you'll laugh at. Any advice you have would be welcome! (Though I think my flagrant disregard for instructions this year is my way of weeding out the necessary steps from the unnecessary!)

I sprinkled some mixed flower seeds on the non-edible half of my plot that are supposed to attract butterflies. Hope my cosmos come up like yours!

Love, Pam

Krystal said...

Hey, what a good idea! You know, I also saw that Gayla ( is posting a picture a day of each garden she finds herself in...gardens are the BEST!

I've got sugar-snap-pea-happiness right now, soon to be heirloom tomato time! Nom, nom, nom.