very little work getting done in the studio in the last two weeks - too much fun with my niece, Roisin, and brother Colum and his lady, Masayo. she is just the smiliest, lovliest little girl, and rewards all of my funny faces and singing and dancing with big grins and giggles.

little Roisin also sticks out her bottom lip when she's deciding wheather or not you're being funny enough to warrant a smile.

she has done so many new things since coming to visit from Japan - they are all mew to my mom & dad & ted & I, but new even to Colum and Masayo. she sits up by herself, and crawls all over now. and last night, I heard her say 'da da'. my mom has also taught her to stick out her tongue. they are leaving tomorrow, and we'll miss them more than ever.


barbara@sparrowavenue said...

She's is just gorgeous. I love the pictures of all of you

arounna said...

too cute for words.

Anonymous said...

I really love all these pictures!