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as always happens before a big show, i have an idea for a garment, and it takes over my work, forcing it's way into my crowded making schedule. when my brother and Masayo were visiting with the baby, i had the chance to grill them on baby clothes. they told me that as often as they can, they buy wrap-front tops rather than over-the-head tops, as they are easier to get on a fussy, wiggly baby.

so, here is my dilemma:

option one:
colour/print band along the bottom, with a linen pocket overlapping both fabrics. the pocket will be pleated like the lower one. I think this one looks a little more sophisticated.
option two:
one of the front panels is fully cut in colour/print fabric. I like this as it is a little easier for me to make, but I think it looks a little too pyjama or baseball raglan tee like.

what do you think?


Anonymous said...

I LOVE option 2. Having the pocket made of the contrasting colour really makes it pop. Such a cute design and perfect for the squirmy baby. Really nice Ro!! Carol Jackson

Kat said...

I chose option 3, that you make a million things in my size, and I wear only them. Deal?

Anonymous said...

Even though it takes more work, I prefer option 1. Or, option 4 - make both.


Krystal said...

I really like number 1. It does look a bit more sophisticated. Looks like we all differ though!

Don't you just love it when you start something brand new right before a big deadline?

Anonymous said...

I like #2, but am not crazy about the pocket. What about skipping the pocket in favour of cuffs to match the printed fabric?

roisin said...

kat - no option 3!

melissa no option 4! [maybe in the future, but not a week before the show..]

krystal - I know - we all do it though, so I don't feel too nutty about it.

cara - i'm not doing cuffs at all, they are just rolled up so I can decide on length. if I did contrast cuffs, it would give me a seam visible on the outside, which I don't want. the pocket is pinned - it won't look like that.

Anonymous said...

Even though it takes more time Blythe and Wren vote for option 1.

lauren said...

I vote for option #1 as well. I think it looks more kimono-ish and less jersey-ish. But whatever you decide, the ties and edging totally pop and make both options look so great!

Anonymous said...

Cara again..
#1 is cute, but the band at the bottom will never line up just right on a baby.

What about #2.5 with both front panels are in print? You could use two fabrics for them. The pocket is just an awkward size/placement to me. Or maybe a "hoodie" pocket all the way across the panel?

Unknown said...

Lovin #1- looking forward to seeing you and your work next week!

kristyn said...

option one for sure.
and, consider making them up to a size 3 or 4 so my little basil can get one!

L-A said...

At first glance, number two was the one I liked best, because I liked the pocket with colour. But the more I looked, the more I liked number one. So I'll go with number one.

andrea said...

I love option 1, but agree with Cara and would not put the pocket on (so that saves a little bit of work!)