well, there has been a definite lack of posts from me lately - and it's due to my seemingly lost digital camera. i just can't find it anywhere, and can't even remember the last time I saw it. Halifax, maybe?

so, I am maybe in the market for a new camera, I had a Canon Powershot that I was relatively happy with, but would appreciate any suggestions that you might have, in the moderate [I don't know, 500 or less] price range.

and then i can take photos of all the new work i've done, and my newly-efficient studio space.


Danielle said...

Oh No!!! I hope you find it! If it's gone forever though, then I would have to recommend getting the canon G10 or G11 because I just got one and love it. It's under 500 bucks and is super user friendly.

Other than losing your camera- I hope that you had a lovely, lovely holiday Roisin!

roisin said...

thanks, danielle! I decided on a Nikon D3000, its fancy! I believe that I need your address to complete a trade, eh? send it to my email or etsy message it to me.