year end honours

here we are at year end, and i've not said a word in ten days. we've been busy driving to visit family, eating, enjoying the visiting halifax and montreal friends, eating, doing dishes and eating some more. it's been a good week off for me, i hadn't seen a movie in ages, or had a day & night when i wasn't trying to just cram in as much as i could [okay, i was still cramming, but it was chocolate and cheese and wine and good company!].

a couple or three wonderful mentions in the last few days that got me very excited:

* repeat was listed as one of Apartment Therapy's top 10 online fabric shops

* my century farm tea towels - the mason jar print in particular - was noted in Poppytalk's 2009 most influential

* repeat's fabrics were mentioned again, also in Poppytalk's 2009 most influential in the hand-printed fabrics section

it's a really wonderful feeling, when your work is appreciated by others like this, and they feel so strongly about it that they want to share it with others. thanks so much for your support, everyone!

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