after yesterday's post about the lost camera, i had a nap. when i woke up, I knew where my camera was - it was in a clutch i had taken to a friend's holiday party. i was a little bummed, as i'd spent the afternoon researching a new digital camera, with help and advice from arounna, and had decided on a nice Nikon SLR, which also happened to be on sale.

i decided to go for the Nikon anyway, as I really need a better camera for product shots, and by this point i was excited and more than a little invested. it is busily charging away, so the above pile of scraps i'm amassing to be made into repeat remnant bags was taken with the lost-and-now-found Canon powershot.
I'm excited about the new camera, and can't wait for it to finish charging to that i can try it out.

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