i am working on a project with some friends in a band, bruce peninsula.
the image that i designed and will be printing on their tees and pins is a long, skinny design, and instead of purchasing a large screen, which is pretty expensive, I decided to build my own.  I bought some good, straight 1" by 2" poplar, and mesh from aboveground art supply.

i decided to make it very simply, and built them using a butt joint and glue.  then i stretched the mesh, using a staple gun, and many, many staples, and hearing protection.  I wrapped the screen in all-weather duct tape, to protect from water during washout.  if i had to do it again, which i think i will, i will properly mitre my corners, and remember to varnish the wood.

here it is, all finished and coated with photo emulsion, and exposed.  i expose using sunlight, which i will have to write a post about sometime.

* i am having formatting issues with blogger and my photos today.  sorry for the strange layout.

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