after the rain

after the torrential rain one night last night, i woke up early and popped out front to check for damage or flooded plants in the many pots that are in our driveway/front door section. it was very still outside, and the plants were laden with huge drops of rain. 

i love nasturtiums,  so easy [and therefore satisfying] to grow from seed, and the flowers offer such a great variety. 

portulacas are something that my mom and i always chose at mia's garden centre in east london when i was little.  i bought them every year out east, but they always faltered in the wet, cool summer.  i'm looking forward to them thriving in all this heat.

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lauren said...

nasturtiums are maybe my favourite annual. the way moisture collects at the centre of the round leaves . . . how easy they are to grow . . . the way the flowers add a peppery taste to summer salads. beautiful!