not such a good week for ceramics

life lesson #1 : be patient.  don't pour boiling hot water into an earthenware mug without warming it up first. mug by martina lantin.

life lesson #2 : fix small problems before they turn into big ones.  like the curtain rod that doesn't sit securely in it's cups, and always falls when the curtains are adjusted. mug by kyla francis.


Anonymous said...

#3, it's almost TOAE where maybe you can find cute new ceramics to make up for broken ones.

Hope your week gets better, see you soon! xo

Pamplemousse said...

That's hilarious, I totally relate! B and I have gotten used to our mutual clumsiness and now it is frequently a source of mirth... like the time Brian set his favourite tea cup down on the top edge of the freezer door to our fridge at 6am and I went to put my breakfast scraps in the freezer compost... *CRASH* *SHRIEK!* ...Crazy glue sometimes saves the day and other times your heart gets broken. :(

Look forward to seeing you guys this summer, in one piece or many!


roisin said...

cara - you're right! i hadn't thought of that. what a good reason to buy more ceramics.

pam - we hope to have a bit of free time at some point in the first half of august, and to see you both.

arounna said...

I know it always breaks my heart when a favorite piece breaks - that's the upside - you can collect another - look forward to seeing you xoxo

CainandAble said...

I have one YOU gave me back in the goodolddays that is a "for looking only!" type.

I didn't know that thing aboot warming it up first... that's probably why all my handmade mugs end up as 'for looking only'...