over seas

my brother colum lives in japan with his wife, masayo.  they work with her parents at their bag and soft goods business, Suda hanp [in japanese, in english], which has been in business for over thirty years now.  they make beautiful, functional bags, some of which i am lucky enough to have been given as gifts.  i always find it interesting that my brother and i have both would up working in the textiles industry, on opposite sides of the planet. 

 i enjoy blogging for a number of reasons, one being that family and friends around the world can have glimpses into what i'm doing with my life and my studio, and vice versa.  the staff at Suda hanp keep a blog as well, so i can see their thoughts and work, as well as m
y brother's long hair!  the bags that Suda hanp makes are all stamped inside with 'dadada', the sound of the sewing machine, and then the name if the person who stitched the bag. . one of the bags that i have is stamped like the beige one above, with my brother's name.  i think of him every time i use the bag. 

 if you are ever in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, please visit my family at Karahako, their beautiful store and coffee shop, and say hello for me.

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