business trip

i spent a very long morning on the 401 highway, making my way to the toronto area to visit potential suppliers and friends.  ted came along as well, i think he thought it would be a fun day, but it was mostly a highway and traffic day, with many curses to google maps for their bad directions!

i have a new stash of fabris swatches to pour over, including some that i had been hunting down for a long time.  i make my teatowels [coming to the webstore soon] out of a hemp & cotton blend, as it prints wonderfully and is very functional, absorbant and washes very well.  my supplier had dried up, but i think that i've found another supplier of the same fabric.

we did have some time out of the car, as we stopped by bookhou to visit arounna, john and family for tea and custard tarts.  they have a very lovely storefront on dundas near palmerston, and arounna teaches screenprinting classes there as well.

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