the last photos that i posted were all taken from the internet, i didn't bring my camera cable with me on the trip.  above we are at a funny discount gift shop in peggy's cove, and this is the only picture we have of the two of us together from the entire trip!

we had almost all great weather for the trip, which is an anomaly for halifax.  we arrived to 30 degree heat & sun, followed by two more days of mid-teen temperatures and gorgeous, clear sun.  we stayed with kyla, lloyd and their amazing daughter ada, who is the smartest child i've ever met.  oh, and the dogs, mr. pink and ollie.

our wonderful hosts borrowed their parents' car so that we could borrow their car for a day, and we went down the south shore to lower prospect to kyla's studio.  it is right on a little bay [maybe a cove?  i'm not sure]  we just missed the fishermen hauling in lobster traps.  the water is so incredibly clear and full of all kinds of wonderful seaweed.

then we continued onto queensland beach, which is a spot i frequented the summer that i worked for jim smith, a potter in chester.  the water here is a little warmer than at some of the other beaches; which is to say it is slightly less freezing.  there was quite a bit of excitement the day we chose to roadtrip - there was a huge forest fire just outside of halifax.  you can see it in the distance behind ted, skipping stones.

i was lamenting forgetting my swimsuit, as i wanted to go for a quick run into the cold sea while we were in nova scotia.  ted laughed at me, telling me that i wouldn't have done it.  i think he was right - this is me running out of the water after sticking my toes in for a few seconds.  it was so cold!

this is our drive home, passing through the armdale rotary in halifax, with an incredible view of the smoke from the fire.  it was such a clear day.  we ended up at the lion's head pub later that evening, chatting with a cbc cameraman about the fire.  there is a clip here about a crew that was almost caught in it.

we went to halifax for two reasons - to see our much-missed friends, and to go to the halifax crafters show.  i was a part of this show from it's very humble beginnings at the khyber club, when there were about a dozen of us.  the show and group has grown so much, and it is fantastic.  i didn't manage to take any photos, but there are some really wonderful ones posted at the halifax crafters blog.

kyla and lloyd live near the hydrostone, which houses some of our favorite restaurants, epicurious morsels and salvatore's, and is also where fort needham park is.  there is a great view of halifax, and across the harbour to dartmouth from up on the fort.  this was one of our last days, and the four of us plus mr. pink, the pug, went to julien's,  the french bakery in the hydrostone for almond croissants for breakfast.  but it was monday, and julien's is closed on mondays.  so ted & I easily convinced kyla and lloyd to go for a much further walk to johnny's snack bar at almon and windsor, a wonderful family diner with great breakfast.  mr. pink was exhausted after all this walking [and chasing other dogs in the park], so ted carried him in an enamel basin we picked up for $3 at an antique store on the way.

i had always meant to take a picture with this street sign, but never managed to have a camera with me when i passed it.  it appeals to the procrastinator in me.

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