home again

we are on a week long trip back to halifax - planned and booked shortly after moving to ontario. this is my second time back since september, i miss it so much. it still feels so much like home - wonderful friends and food. it started with an excited friend, kyla, waving at the airport [what is nicer than loved ones jumping up and down at the airport?], and 30 degree weather.

and coffee and espressos from java blend on north street, which has the nicest coffee i've ever had. we will be bringing manyt pounds back with us, i'm sure.

our absolute favorite place is epicurious morsels, in the hydrostone area. we both worked for years at this restaurant, and love it [and the staff!] to pieces. the best smoked salmon [done in-house!] that you will ever have. ever. that's jim, chef and owner, slicing it above. we had a wonder ful lunch today, and have many more planned before we go. they also do take out, and the turkey turnovers with baked vegetable rice are the perfect picnic lunch. i just remembered that this was our 'last meal' from there when we moved away - eaten in out 26 foot moving truck on the road in new brunswick somewhere.

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