as evidenced by the lack of entries lately, things are very busy in preparation for the spring one of a kind show.

our house turns into a disaster of threads and small pieces of brightly coloured and patterned cloth trailing out of the sewing studio. there is a high concentration around the door, and it thins out down the hall and gets denser again in the living room, where embroidering usually takes place while watching the largest documentary series i can find at the great video difference.

this thread trail makes its way all over the apartment, thanks to its ability to stick to socks and its attractiveness to cats, of which there are two. the ability of the threads to get absolutley everywhere was most notably appreciated on thursday, when a nice green thread made its presence known in ted's wonderful bread, right on top of the loaf. can you spot it?

on an unrelated note [well, i guess humour is the connection], ted has also trained the larger of the cats, wu-tang, to sit on his shoulder like a parrot.

i may not have time to post until after the show, i don't know yet if i'll have room to bring my laptop in my luggage.

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