for mom

my mom has the most beautiful old singer sewing machine that nobody can seem to figure out how to use. the bobbins it uses are these gorgeous little shuttles that are so wonderful they are suitable to be worn as jewelry, but i can't make the machine 'go' for the life of me. i also can't remember where the machine came from [she's an avid antique store hunter and yardsaler, as i am - so either of those are good leads], but regardless, it came with a lovely oak accessories box with all sorts of elaborate feet and parts - but most importantly the instructions for some of these feet were still intact.

now, if you've made ruffles before, you know the agony of pulling the bobbin thread, and it snapping; also the pain of evenly distributing the gathers along the fabric. the little wooden box contained two 'ruffler feet' attachments, neither of which fit my old brother industrial that my actual brother shipped to me from vancouver. i called up the fellas at bridgewater sewing shop, and a new ruffler foot is $300, so i tinkered for the afternoon [having put off ruffle-making for far too long], and with a little macgyver modifications on my part, got the foot working on my old husqvarna viking!


Anonymous said...

I think she said the machine is from a woman she used to work with, it was that lady's moms. Since she didn't know any sewers but your ma, she passed it her way.

When I was trying to get it to work it was that I couldn't wind a new bobbin, but the ones with thread weren't usable. If anyone has advice for that it would probably get you on track to sewing with the machine.

300$ for the ruffler foot? REALLY? My friend Krissy got hers from ebay for pretty cheap, like 40 bones.

Good luck, and, happy ruffling!

roisin said...

the ruffler that i wanted is for my industrial machine, not my battered domestic.

cara, you are very mysterious as anonymous!

Anonymous said...

Hers was for an industrial Bernina if I recall correctly!

LOVe, your mysterious friend.

sewnut said...

If I promise not to covet the machine too openly can I come and play?

roisin said...

you and your expertise are always welcome linda, but you will be frisked at the door!

this machine is the nicest old singer i've ever seen.