yard sale!

my mom and I are incredible yardsalers.  we used to get up at 6.30 am when I was in highschool to make the rounds, and now she just comes to visit me on weekend mornings in the lovely old residential neighbourhood I'm living in.  there are always yard sales around here, and lots of wonderful treasures. 
 this quilt was one of those things that I saw first thing in the morning, and didn't buy, but it haunted me so much that we went back later,and it was still there.  I love it - it is made of old wool blankets and men's suiting, and has another wool blanket as the batting, and green flannel backing and trim.  such an unusual colour combo.

it reminds me of my new favorite little mug, made by my friend Martina Lantin who is doing her MFA at NSCAD.  it is just the right size, and has the nicest indentation on the bottom covered in tera sigilatta which makes it smooth and wonderful to touch.

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