not for love or money

well, I would like to say that what I really want to be doing is finishing that stack of reversible ruffle dresses.

 but really what I wast to be doing is eating this:

and I can't get them anywhere on the internet, at least that I can find.  they are - in my mind - the tastiest chocolate bars ever, currently based on the fact that they are carefully packaged in beautiful paper, which is another thing I hoard in rubbermaid bins under the bed.  these lovelies are made in brooklyn, by the Mast Brothers and if you know of anyone who will mail them to me, I'll share.


sewnut said...

sewing or chocolate.... woman you could make my brain short circuit

Hello Pineapples! said...

our onesies have arrived and they are fantastic! Love them so much! You need to sell your stuff at Love, Me - that way I can buy more and get all my friends to buy your things (they're all having babies now).