is anyone there anymore? I feel like I lost the conversation I had going, by being so slack in the blogging department!

because you can't have nice things happen without immediately something bad happening:

on the same day ted got my grant news, we also got an eviction notice from our landlord, so out we go. it is, of course, more complicated than that, but is also a long, boring story. if anything says 'get the hell out of london' more than that does, I don't know what it is.

I have found not one, but two amazing-looking studio spaces in Hamilton, and hopefully one very lovely studio mate. anyone else out there in hamilton needing some textile space? let me know asap!


Elsa said...

so sorry to hear your news ~ I had a landlord like that once. He lived down the street and had a path leading from his yard to ours. He'd show up at the strangest timess. They would come in the house when we were gone ~ to make sure I was cleaning it right.
Know an even better living space is out there for you ~ you just wait and see!

Linnie said...

I'm actually looking for some studio space, but alas, I am a photographer.

I'm in TO, so I might be able to make it work! If you are still interested (and could stomach sharing with a photo geek) email me!

sewnut said...

I hope you find the place you need to be in.

roisin said...

elsa - wow, checking up on your cleaning? that's ridiculous!

linnie - photo geeks always welcome, I just don't know how you'd feel about fibres everywhere!

linda - thanks so much, I'll be closer to cara, which makes me very happy.

erika said...

I could use a textile space but i'm afrais it's a little bit to far away ;-)
Good luck finding a new studio mate!

Alison said...

Wow wow wow! Grant! Eviction! Hamilton! So much change, all for bigger and better things. Good for you! xo - Alison

rebecca said...

this is a tardy response (and I think you might be out West this summer?), but I'm curious about your Hamilton studio space. I'm on the hunt for a good spot, preferably a shared one, so any tips would be helpful!