new bags - its been a good couple of weeks for me, both creatively and work-wise. I hadn't been to a fabric store in a long time, usually just ordering from wholesalers over the phone or through email. I found some wonderful materials and inspiration in the sale section, and came home and sketched some bags, which then took me two days to work out and make.

shoulder bag with stitch line on the strap

paper lunch bag based messenger style

I'm hoping to have a few of these available at the Cabbagetown show. they will be made as a limited edition, as I only have a few metres of some of the fabrics. how great to be this excited about making again!


ellevee said...

i want one. they look awesome!! i'll have to come on the opening day of Cabbagetown so they don't get snapped up!

arounna said...

these are beautiful ro

m. said...

I just love them - see you at Cabbagetown!