finally, part two.

I love this drive - through new bunswick and into nova scotia, lots of trees and hills. here we are, entering nova scotia after a few wonderful days with brenna, joel and family.

after the halifax crafters show, which was fantastic as always, a small run of rain, cold, wind and even a day of snow [!], the weather turned around in time for ted's birthday, and lasted for the rest of the trip. we went our the bedfor highway to the chickenburger, and sat at the picnic tables around back with our tiny chicken & gravy sandwiches, shoestring fries, and milkshakes.

every time I return to halifax, I see all the things that I've forgotten about, and took for granted while I lived there. like this fella, on the way out of the city on the bay road, with his perpetually mis-spelled signs. rumour has it he did it intentionally to make people belive he was a poor fisherman, so that you'd think he was authentic. this was on our way to anne & dean's house in hatchet lake for dinner.

and finally, the Last Meal at epicurious morsels, where both ted and I worked. I miss Jim and his delicous food, and always eat there as many times as I can when I'm in town. we timed our trip so that we'd get to have brunch and pick up some house-smoked salmon just before we left. above are kyla & lloyd, our hosts, and their wonderfully clever daughter ada, who is just in love with ted. she informed me that ted was her boyfriend now, and pouted all the way to brunch since we were leaving. I miss them all so much.

we brought lee back to ontario with us, she is a great roadtrip buddy even though she doesn't drive at all. she likes stopping at funny truckstops and eating poutine as much as we do, and has all kinds of great music to share. here we are at one of my favorite stops [discovered with k & l, above, on the drive to halifax from the one of a kind show], turner's one stop in jemseg, new brunswick. they have great homemade doughnuts and milkshakes.

and of course, the quebec roadside rest areas are just the best. they are not all full of fast food like in ontario, but are little parks with picnic tables and canteens, selling local cheese curds! we ate a lot of cheese curds on the trip home, and had sunshine all the way to toronto.

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