the studio is starting to lose it's neat and tidyness from the massive clean out and re-arrange i did in mid october [it took me a week. 12 hours a day for a week!]. it is slowly being overcome by stacks and stacks of things, in this case, burlesque tea towels that are being printed and sewn for the halifax crafters and city of craft shows.


Tara Bursey said...

Hi Roisin,

Is there anywhere I can get a set of burlesque tea towels locally (in T.O.)? I have a friend who is coming from out of town in a week, and she's always adored my set...I really wanted to get her a pair as a gift!

I know you'll be at City of Craft in a few weeks...I wish it could wait that long!

I guess if all else fails, I can have a set sent to her home for X-Mas instead...

Let me know!

Thanks! Tara

Lois said...

I LOVE these tea towels, Roisin! Can I get them at Bookhou Shop?

roisin said...

Tara - I've emailed you, but if you need to contact me write to
roisin At roisin dot ca

Lois - they are not at bookhou, but you can get them at the CIty of Craft show December 12 &13 at the Theatre Centre.