rosehip jelly

we live in a lovely area of london called wortley village. it is a bit like living in a small town within the city - there is a main strip of shops, a couple of cafes [including the black walnut, which doesn't appear to have a website], a small grocery store, a tavern and a drugstore. there isn't, oddly enough, a post office. that is about a 25 minute walk away, which i don't mind at all because for the most part it is a walk through a residential area with very interesting houses.
on the way to the post office yesterday, ted came with me so that he could stop part way and pick the rosehips growing at the side of this lady's little house. we'd spoken to her the week before, and she was more than happy to share. above is another neighbour, chatting with ted about rosehip jelly and dandelion wine.

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