i am off on another mini-adventure, this time a little further afield. i am going to see the renegade craft fair in brooklyn, with three good friends.  we will be even better friends by the end of it, as we are getting on the greyhound bus tonight at 8.30, and arriving in new york at 6.30 a.m.  the show starts at 11, and we are hoping to walk there in order to get in our sight-seeing.  we stay the night on saturday, have sunday to wander, and then back on the bus on sunday night.  it is a whirlwind, but should be good for four crafty ladies who are trying to figure out how to navigate the legalities of selling in the u.s.a.

i have made us all little buckwheat hull travel pillows, with some of my old burlesque lady fabric that i had laying around as pillowcases.  i am trying to avoid the sore neck that comes with long travel.  we decided to take the bus because if you book early enough,  it is very cheap - $90 roundtrip!


arounna said...

have fun - can't wait to hear about your adventure :)

cara Grover said...

I'm dying for a consolation prize! Look at your buckwheat mini-pillows!

lauren said...

i hope you're having so much fun! if anything could save you from a sore neck, it'd be those burlesque lady pillows - you are so great!