return of the badges

i'm never sure weather to call these buttons or badges - people seem to use both, and both also seem to be easily mixed up.  i had a batch of these made up using up some of the many scraps [that i can't throw out, even if they really are too small for anything!] last year, and they are being re-introduced for spring & summer. 

i love these buttons [badges? pin backs?].  i still have my huge collection from when i was a kid, somewhere in a rubbermaid bin at my parent's house.  they hung on a long, 5 " skinny woven scarf in my bedrooom, and featured michael jackson, garfield the cat, jem and the holograms and anything with plastic rhinestones or glitter.

i've packaged them in sets of three, on shipping tags - they are one of my favorite paper products and i use they for almost everything.

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