more colour

outside of our back door is an asphalt covered area, which looks terrible.  this week there has been lovely green moss sprouting all over the shaded areas - i'm hoping it covers it all

another great surprise was spotting some of my favorite flowers, ranunculus, at the grocery store.  i had never seen the variegated ones before, so i bought two bunches.  the florist shared my enthusiasm for them, and wrapped them up beautifully, even thought they were just a gift for myself.  i love the dozens and dozens of petals layered on these flowers.

also, the forsythia in the yard is gorgeous - it is about ten feet wide and tall, and full of yellow flowers.

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CainandAble said...

I Love ranunculus.
I wanted them for my bouquet, but they were out of season. I have to be careful when I pass the florist near work cos I could buy them everyday!

And PS I ~might~ be stealing your shipping tag idea.