i won free tickets from the CBC to see leonard cohen when he comes to london in may, and  i think this excited me so much that i exposed the images on one of my screens backwards, and then had to strip, re-coat and re-expose.   we saw mr. cohen when he came out to halifax last may - i was at the one of a kind show, and ted waited in line for hours and hours to get tickets.  it was wonderful, he is so gracious.

above are the properly exposed screens for the farm pattern i wrote about earlier, sitting in the sun to post-cure after exposing [the first cure] and washout.  

this is the side yard, and the yards of the neighbours, as seen through one of the screens.  i had hoped to print this today, but managed to throw off the bobbin timing on my wonderful old brother industrial. i tried to repair it myself, and then tried to find help on the internet, without success.  i took the recommendation of linda, and called coolen's sewing machine repair on hamilton road.  tom was great - he came out and showed me what had gone wrong, and then adjusted just about everything that one could on a machine, and it was a great learning experience for me.  

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