i print all of my labels on coordinating fabics, so that they blend in with the garment and keep with the overall feeling of my work.  they are a bit of a mindless task, and i usually print off a lot of them and then fold and sew around the edges.  i like the long string of labels at the end of the task - they remind me of bunting.

on a silly note, we are finally finishing unpacking.  there were some problems with the house that weren't resolved when we moved in, and the landlord was, i'll say reluctant, to be overly kind to the man, to do the work.  we put off unpacking a lot of our things, as we thought we might have to move again.  ted got down to all of those horrible boxes that are always left, the ones full of all the little things thrown in desperately at the end of packing.  above is a photo of a small cooler i packed, with the most disparate contents: a jell-o butterscotch pudding cup [i had my wisdom teeth out two years ago], a toothpick holder and part of a sugar shaker, seed packets, neon Wayfarers, a salt-rock candle holder from sarah & jeff's wedding, and tart tins.  we were so tired at the end of packing, i don't know how we made the drive to ontario!

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