hats hats hats, and halifax crafters

above is a box full of hat crowns. the craftsperson's life really isn't all that glamorous; there is much repetition if you do the craft show route, but it's nice that i can change it up whenever it strikes me.

i do like the stacks of things that i've made, i feel a sense of accomplishment in these stacks of partially stitched goods [more accomplishment will come once they are done!] and i love that my order of gutermann thread finally came after an odd and unexpected detour to cambridge, ontario. no more running out mid-production - hopefully.

and here's what they look like, though they still need some pressing:

and there is another project which i've wrapped myself a little more in, and it's the halifax crafters.
if you're a haligonian crafty person, and want to get involved with the upcoming super-rad event at the north street church on april 26 & 27, check out the blog that is linked above and send in your application. we are hoping to make this a thrice-yearly event.

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