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by now you may have seen the vastly new-and-improved webpage over at there is still the 'goods' section to be worked out, and also how on earth to add the shopping cart business, but it'll get there.

ted was nice enough to spend a few days in front of the computer learning how to use dreamweaver, and made my ideas work out nicely. you can also see the logo that i didn't manage to print on anything in time for the holiday show season. i love her, she is loosely based on the painting below, 'the liberty on the barricades' [or 'liberty leading the people'] by delacroix.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ro,

Your mom popped in again and told me about you new site and show and all that fabulous stuff.

I've added you to my links (hope you don't mind). I was also going to head over to T.O. for the show and say hi and buy some cutsie outfits, but I just checked, and I work all weekend and teach all week. So all my enthusiasm blew up in my face. :( Good thing I was wearing safety goggles.

Hope you're well!