this weekend

tomorrow! city of craft is this weekend, and I am sewing up some final things, folding, labeling, and trying to remember everything I need.
above, new little zippered pouches. each is unique, as I make them out of offcuts of my printed fabrics that are left from cutting out other things. I love them - I like deciding how to place each pattern on the pouch as I cut them out, and I love these little YKK zippers. YKK makes the best zippers.
and, a little device that Jane and I saw in use everywhere when we went to Renegade Chicago. Meet the Square, a little guy that plugs into your smartphone's headset jack, and allows you to take credit cards. I can't believe the amount of money it cost me to accept credit cards when I did the gigantic OOAK show. Huge set-up costs, monthly fees, transaction fees, percentage of sales taken, machine and slips costs...sigh. this company gives it away for free, and only charges a percentage of sales. this means I finally got a smartphone, so you can find me Instagramming my time away over here.
speaking of Jane, we went out to Halifax together for the Halifax Crafters Society holiday show. it was amazing, as usual. well organized, super busy, and everyone I know in the province knows to find me there, so I get to visit and hug old dear friends all day. Particularly nice to see Emily, who has started her own business, Local Tasting Tours. Em and I worked together at Epicurious Morsels for years. I also had the very lovely opportunity to meet the owners of two shops that carry my work - Andrea from Inkwell in Halifax, and Melanie and Stephen of Dots & Loops in Lunenberg. it was an awesome visit.

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