vinyl cafe

last year when we moved to london, it took about a month to get a phone line and an internet connection set up. in the meantime, i went to the public library in the village to check e-mail and do what i could there. as i logged into my email account one morning, there was a message telling me that a second night of stuart mclean's vinyl cafe christmas had been added in london, and that tickets were going on sale at 10. it was 10:03, so i spontaneously bought three tickets, one for myself, my mom, and ted. we all listen to and enjoy the show, but had never been to a live one.

we had such a great time at the show, and it was the night they recorded for broadcast on the radio, which made it even more exciting.

this year, my mom bought the tickets, and one of the musical guests was matt andersen, a phenominal blues musician from new brunswick that i had seen a few times in halifax, including one very memorable show at bearly's.

the video doesn't do it justice, his voice is just powerful, and if you get a chance to see him, go. he's touring early next year [not all the dates are on his site yet], and tickets are more than reasonable.

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