to a good home

while most of the work that i make is produced on a limited basis [because it's really just me, doing everything], there are a few items that i have that are one-offs, like the quilts.  they are a collaboration between my good friend, and mother of two of my best friends, linda.
  i love just having them around, they are such beautiful textile works; when they sell, there is a little piece of me that is sad to see them go, but also glad that they are making someone else very happy.

i've also been thinking of selling some of my hand-dyed and printed fabrics.  i regularly read the blog of a new textile printing company, Ink & Spindle, which is a collaboration of three ladies from Melbourne, Australia.  I am very envious of their very long print table.


sewnut said...

I wish I were a baby and someone would wrap me in that wonderful quilt.

I would love to chat with you about some yardage, especially in purple or red

Anonymous said...

I love that blanket.
You two need to make more of them.