studio shots

i was asked by someone to take some working in the studio shots, and to have them to her by the close of the following day for potential inclusion in an e-mag.

so of course, i grabbed my digital camera and trusty, ever-helpful fella and headed out to the studio to print with the t-bar i'd just built. i have been under the weather [when is one not, in halifax?] this week, and was not very thrilled with having my picture taken over two hundred times that day. I did realize two things about myself though, after the very entertaining photo-upload session later that day:
1. i have a very serious, somewhat cantankerous face on when i'm working away. think think think, is what is looks like is rolling around in my head.
2. i do not stay still at all, even when attempting to pose for a picture. almost every single one has a portion of me as a blur. and also, the little bangs i decided to cut myself a few weeks ago are at the jabbing-me-in-the-eyes-while-i-attempt-to-grow-out-that-mistake stage, which means most of the photos were of my blurry arm brushing said bangs out of my eyes.

bangs. is there a better word? fringe? i think it recalls the acid-wash and white leather fringe jacket of my ten year old self. mom, if you have a polaroid of me in that little jem, send it along and i will put it up.

as for now, here you go, mom and dad. you know, since you miss me.


printing, or, as my class will see on monday, what printing an all-over repeat looks like:

the requisite blurry shot, with garments.

and i've changed the profile picture as well. i'm standing with michelle's gigantic screens, and pretending that they are mine. she is so tiny, and her screens are so big. maybe that's why the printing table is so low.

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