wow, tomorrow is city of craft already! also, I haven't blogged in almost two months. I've managed to wrangle up some non-existent time to print a fun gift for the amazing volunteers at the show. pardon the crap colour in the photo, this was at four in the morning, or something like that. I'm at that point where everything is taking me waaay longer than it should, and I've got the coffee jitters.

also appearing at city of craft, a brand new burlesque print! I spent most of my day drawing this, and somehow managed to perfectly expose a screen by holding a lamp over it. such an adrenaline rush that was - makes me a super screenprint geek, eh? the new print has lots of new ladies, and even a naked man, by popular request!

I've got a batch of these pouches as well, with prints inspired by my dropcloth, which you can see in the top photo [the cloth that covers my print table, and catches all the little bits of print that stray off the fabric]. these were so much fun to print, just layers all the different patterns. I've done my new business cards this way too, just printing all over some of the heavy green paper I used for my last cards, and then cutting it up. each card is unique.

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kat frick miller said...

I love the new burlesque print! It's fun to revisit old designs. Hope city of craft was a blast!