while out walking in our great new city, ted & I discovered that wild black raspberries grow everywhere here. he's been getting up early on the weekends, really early, and going out picking. I went with him one morning, but I'm a bit unreasonable before breakfast, so he goes by himself now.

I think he's picked about a dozen pints now, and he's made the tastiest wild black raspberry jam. these berries don't taste like raspberries, or like blackberries, but have a taste all their own. and are really seedy, which I like.


We Blog Artists said...

I WISH WE could taste and touch over the internet as these look SO good and I am a curious person so I would HAVE to taste too...

Mom2fur said...

I bet that jam is amazing! I have made strawberry and cherry-pluot jam so far this year.
You know, you can freeze them. Just put them on a cookie sheet and freeze them. Then when they are solid throw them into a baggie or container. You can take them out in the winter by the cupful if you want to make muffins or pancakes!

olga inoue said...

i just wanted to say
your fabrics are beautiful,
saw them on etsy