sneak peek

gary has been working away on the studio, and took this photo after sealing the floors. such a beautiful space!


sewnut said...

A lovely inviting space.

Alison said...

This looks beautiful and inspiring, Ro!

arounna said...

hey ro
it looks promising
let me know when it's ready for a visit

Miss Sarah said...

I just picked up one of your shirts for my little guy at Love, Me in Halifax! When I showed it to my friend Neal Ozano later that night (I just shoved it in my purse and had it with me all day) he said that you were his friend and that you would be happy to know your wares were being appreciated.

I just posted a bunch of photos of little D wearing his new rockin' shirt at

Thanks for creating wicked stuff.

debt relief said...

Really it wonderful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa PN said...

Amazing! It looks so beautiful Roisin!