so much of it!

I returned from a much needed trip to halifax very late on Tuesday, after the city of london had been getting big snow squalls for four days. the city was essentially shut down - schools, post offices, shops, airport, everything closed for three whole days. it was unbelievable, there was nothing when I left on friday, and nothing about a half hour past the city. my flight got into toronto, everything flying to london was cancelled or re-routed, so i took a shuttle to london. there was no snow at all until we hit about ingersoll, and then it built up to over 3 feet in london, which meant massive show drifts and terrible roads. my taxi home from the bus depot [ted had shovelled the drive four times that day, and was snowed in again] got stuck, and luckily another taxi stopped to help us get it out. as someone who didn't have to shovel much of it, I thought it was beautiful, with the drifts dramatically hanging out over roofs and eaves.

my parent's yard, with the seven foot tall fences.

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Linnie said...

It is insane how much snow London got, especially since there was very little warning!

I grew up in Lucan, which was all over the news with their 167 cm. In a town of 1200 that is HUGE news. =]

Glad to hear you made your trip safely!