taken thanksgiving weekend, early on Sunday, when it was still scarf weather, and before it went up to 24 degrees. my mom and I get our potatoes from a farm not far from my parents' house, and at this time of the year he has a wagon of pumpkins and gourds out, too - and really good prices. he was out and about while we were there, and told us that his four kids run the stand, and earn the money for themselves. as we were getting back into our car, he drove back out to us, and handed us a carton of fresh brown eggs - yum.

as with the farm above, this is one of the many untended 'self-serve' stands in the farmland around london [and everywhere]. I love the trust implied here, it makes a city girl feel good about the world.

we drove around for much of the day, just admiring the spectacular fall colours, and even stopped in to the beach at grand bend to stick our toes in the water.

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