we've had a bit of a sick cat on our hands for about a month now - poor guy is overgrooming, we think due to allergies. we tried the vet route, and he just got sicker, so we went to the little pet store here in wortley village, A Village Tail. they recommended a new type of food, and some homeopathic drops for irritated skin, and they seem to be doing the trick. much cheaper than the vet trip, and an overall healthier cat to boot. I also bought the guys some new toys from etsy seller HannaPT - two giant eyeballs and a kickin' stick. I love catching glimpses of the eyeballs on the floor, they are so funny.


We Blog Artists said...

Oh, I hope your Kitty gets better soon.

arounna said...

I'm glad to hear he's on the mend.
see you on the weekend.

Alison said...

I want these.