we went to the masonville farmer's market this morning in the torrential rain and were rewarded with these gigantic puffball mushrooms! they are one of the strangest things I've ever seen - we are taking them to ted's family camp-out this weekend, to slice and fry in butter like giant mushroom steaks.

I think that they look like the moon with all those craters. the woman selling them says that she forages for them near her farm, and that they are commonly found this time of year near the base of willow trees.


We Blog Artists said...

These are amazing!!!
And mushrooms are SO good for the brain.
HUGS and have a great weekend.

Sharolyn said...


kristyn said...

i watched an episode of 'return to river cottage' yesterday where Hugh found some of these lovelies and they were growing (about 12 in all) in a perfectly circular pattern in a farmer's field. otherworldly for sure!

Rilla Marshall said...

WOW!!! these are crazy!

Lois said...

Insane! What did they taste like??