i've been busy learning about my new camera - one of the things that is very different is that it does not have 'live view', meaning that you can't see the shot on the LCD screen on the back, you actually have to look through the viewfinder like a tradition SLR. i was a bit bummed [and confused, I'll admit to pushing all the buttons in trying to get it to' turn on'!], but i'm used to it now.

above is an orchid that was given to me in the summer - i successfully got it to bloom again, and it is much healthier than my last orchid, which bloomed successfully at first, but the leaves quickly shriveled and most of the buds dropped off, and then the whole plant went. they always seem to be happiest when i'm neglecting them, the flower spike happens during the holiday craft show season, when i'm too busy/tired to care for them.

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arounna said...

it looks beautiful - you can get it on the screen - but I like the idea of looking through the view finder - beautiful photo.