for bad measure

not everyday is a good day in the studio - some days I forget the most basic things.

this is a lino block that was carved to print my paper gift bags for the holiday shows, but to get a lino to print the right way, you have to carve it backwards. a bit embarrassing, as I didn't notice until I'd done a test print.

yesterday was another one of those days - I pinned fabric to print yardage, taped and put my measurements on the table, only to print, and find out my measurements were wrong! off by a centimetre - see that gap in the ladies?


kristyn said...

we all have those days. the most obvious things sometimes have a knack for staying hidden until it's too late.
better luck next time!

sweetie pie press said...

print on mylar and make window decals. or print on vellum and fold bags/envelopes out of it (that would be costly, though).

i do things wrong every day.

Anonymous said...

pu yddig.

xo. Cara