we went to chapters the other day, on our way to chatham. i had just bought a moleskine planner, and ted wanted one too. close to the entrance was the most beautiful selection of books i've ever seen - a set of cloth bound classics re-issued by penguin, and featuring gorgeous, gorgeous repeat patterns foil stamped onto the cloth. i can't find them on the canadian site, but here they are on the UK site. i was trying to find the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland cover to show you [white with pink flamingoes, above] but i couldn't find a good large image. look at this edition of Cranford, instead:
i just love the patterns on these, and may have to request them for christmas. as i went searching for images, i found this feature from design*sponge last week, with the designer, Coralie Bickford-Smith, and also a mention over on the Skinny laMinx blog, too. they are such a steal, at $15 each.

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I saw them too! they are just gorgeous, I forgot to tell you about them, thought you might be interested.