my mom and i took the train to toronto on friday morning for a mini-vacation. i found a great deal on a room at the royal york hotel - wow, what a beautiful building.

we spent friday at the one of a kind show, visiting friends and trying to get through the huge amount of vendors there. it was nice to be a shopper and not an exhibitor for a change, and it was really wonderful to see all of my far-off friends like kyla [booth j-09] and rilla [t-21] who are in town for the show. my mom was thrilled to spend a little bit of time with arounna and john's kids, piper and lliam as her own grandchildren are so far away. above is arounna's field wallet [booth Q-11]- the contrast of the leather and linen is lovely.
we went to the st.lawrence market for breakfast [croissants! pastries!] this morning, that place is so busy and there is so much to look at.


arounna said...

yes - so nice to see you both - how I love Ted's pies mmmmm....
glad you both had a fantastic time - have fun in Halifax xo

erika said...

Sounds like a really lovely mini holiday, It has been long ago that I was in Toronto,I would love to go visit again someday.