some things never change - I still like cake on my birthday, and I will be sharing it with my family.
I'm also crossing my fingers that my niece will be born on my birthday, so cross your fingers, too - there are only a few hours of the day left in Japan!


arounna said...

Happy Birthday Ro!
how adorable are you

lauren said...

i can't believe how blond you were! i'm keeping my fingers crossed that next year on this day you and your niece will be eating birthday cake together. and, ahem, your ages combined would be what?
happy happy birthday, ro!

meghan said...

happy birthday! didn't you have hair just like that last year, too?


Anonymous said...

Yay birthday!

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! You look so cute! I can't believe you were so blonde either. You'll have to update us on your niece, fingers crossed.