yard sale

i spent time with my mom this weekend doing the things we both love to do - going to yardsales, the farmer's market, vintage shops, and garden centres. we had some great luck at the orchestra london fundraiser yardsale, which is held in an old mall and runs for two weeks.
i found more of these beautiful old hangers, which i've been amassing for a few years now, as well as a trove of other goodies

above: old linen & crochet clothes peg bag, 25cents
milk steamer, 3.50 ted found this
tapes 25 cents each
our car only has a tape player, which has turned both ted and i into hunters at yardsales - everyone is trying to sell or give them away with the popularity of cds and digital media.

i really lucked out here - i have wide feet, and it seems that a lady with the same feet as mine had finally given up on wearing heels, and donated these three pairs to the orchestra. they are beautiful, and fit wonderfully. l-r 'customcraft' by schwartz benjamin, $1, holt renfrew, $3, d'antonio, $1


arounna said...

some wonderful finds - hmmm hangers as a repeat print...xo

roisin said...

ohh, hanger repeat print! are you calling it? you thought of it first, i think it's a great idea.

t a n y a said...

duke and billie! nice find :)